Eating raw, as nature intended, is the most beneficial diet to maintain the highest levels of health, vitality and longevity. The addition of meaty bones stimulates gums to help prevent periodontal disease and its detrimental toll on overall health. Tell me more…

Dog Food for Incresaed Vitality


All Tefco raw dog food is make with 100% muscle meat from beed obtained from only USDA inspected plants. Tefco is proud of our reputation for offering paleo diet dog food of only the utmost quality. Tell me more…


Tefco raw, paleo diets are balanced nutritionally and supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals, using the latest scientific technology and nutrition research. Tell me more…


100% Preservative Free

Tefco Raw Paleo Diet Dog Food is 100% Preservative Free. The products are shipped frozen to distributors around the United States. Knowledgeable Tefco distributors supply individual Tefco customers. To find a distributor near you, click below.

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Demand for top quality, paleo, raw dog food is growing at a blistering pace.

Tefco is seeking knowledgeable, professional canine industry leaders as distributors for various regions around the USA.

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Tefco Paleo Diet Menu:

Performance Dog 2 lb.

Rib Bones

Chunk Beef

Healthy Treats

2lb. Trachea Packs

1/4 lb. Patties

Knuckle Bones

Ox Tails

Green Tripe 2 lb.

Center Cut Bones

Neck Bones

Healthy Treats

Holistic Veterinarian Reccomended

Pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine, author of countless natural rearing books, reknowned herbalist, Juliette de Bairacli Levy proclaims spectacular cures and healthy lifestyles due to proper dog nutrition. Her global travels and study of animals around the world give her insights that feeding natural is the only way to ensure the healthiest animals. Her book, The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat is the bible for those determined to improve the health of their pets.

Warrior Dog Foundation Reccomended

Mike Ritland, former Navy SEAL, founder of the Warrior Dog Foundation and owner of Trikos International personal protection dogs recommends feeding Tefco.

Mike has over 15 years experience in importing and training military, police, personal protection and guard dogs. Mikes dogs are fed Tefco Raw Diet. Read Mike’s interview regarding working dog training and nutrition where Mike discusses feeding Tefco, which he exclusively feeds.

Breeder Reccomended

Everything I tried did not live up to it’s advertising, nor it’s results or liking of my dogs. Then I was introduced to the performance dog food made by Tefco. I did due diligence and called the manufacturer with questions. Mr. Jerry Briffa’s answers and my research led me to try this good. It did not take long to see that my dogs had more energy, their coats were shinier and softer, their teeth were cleaner. This is clearly the best. -Evelyn N. Audler – New Orleans, Lousiana. Breeder of German Shepherds for over 30 years.

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